Duniyadari 2017 gujarati hd movie 720p

Duniyadari 2017 Gujarati HD movie 720p


Duniyadari 2017 gujarati hd movie 720p


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IMDB Ratings: 7.9/10
Genre: Drama

Director: Shital Shah
Writers: Ankit Joshipura, Shital Shah
Stars: Malhar Thakar, Esha Kansara, Aarjav Trivedi

Language: Gujarati
Video Quality: HDRip 720p

Critic’s Rating: 3.5/5

Duniyadari 2017 gujarati hd movie 720p

Many say that your real life begins once you enter your college premise. And that is what Duniyadaari shows. Meet Mehta (Malhar Thakar), who is sent to Gujarat College by his mother, get entangled in between two most notorious students DSP (Aarjav Trivedi) and Dushyant Dhebar (Shaunak Vyas) and the action in his college begins from the first day itself. But soon strong friendship culminates and Meet becomes part of a gang that loves to live life to the fullest. It is in the process of finding his friends, does Meet also finds love in Kavita Zaveri (Esha Kansara). But his love is no devoid of complications since kitli gang plays a prank to avenge an inspector by trying to woo his daughter Amita (Mamta Chaudhary). And Meet is given the task. In between the confusion, jealousy, betrayal and lost love, Duniyadaari takes shape.

The remake of Marathi film by the same name, the Gujarati version, directed by Shital Shah, is an entertaining mix of comedy, drama, and romance. Even though it is a remake, the film feels every bit Gujarati, and the director has managed to retain the Gujarati essence of the film in every frame. And it would not be wrong to say that Duniyadaari is one of those few films since the urban Gujarati film revolution that gives the love story a romantic touch. The chemistry between Malhar and Esha gives a mushy tone to the film on the big screen.

A story that involves college life is sure to invoke emotions. So does Duniyadaari. The kitli gang of Meet and DSP provide enough fun moments throughout the film and reinstate the fact, once again, that friends made in college last a lifetime. The film might start slowly, but engulfs the viewer as it moves on and you gradually start enjoying all the ‘masti’ and ‘timepass’ that the kitli gang engages into. Duniyadari 2017 gujarati hd movie 720p

While the first half is mostly about the fun times in college, the second half takes a more serious tone with emotions running high. Here too, Shital Shah has managed to hold the viewer’s attention as the story has much to say. There are no dull moments as the story moves fast and scenes are tight and well knit. You might, at certain points, feel confused about the love triangle and why no one confesses the truth, but everything falls in place as the story reaches its end.Duniyadari 2017 gujarati hd movie 720p m.

Such is the story, that gives all the actors ample scope to show their acting chops, and the actors have done full justice to their characters. Malhar shows why he is one of the busiest actors in Dhollywood. Esha Kansara’s grip on the craft is clearly visible as rules the screen in the film. The supporting cast compliment the lead characters and they all show they belong where they are.

Overall, Duniyadaari manages to rank high on friendship, romance and few high on emotion scenes. The film will surely tell you why college days are called the best days of life. The film makes you feel the fun the kitli gang has on the campus, the romance-filled in their lives and makes you understand why standing up for friends is important.


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